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From the Artist

This collection of works is my personal memento for the thirty-year sojourn in search of art and beauty. It is also dedicated to those who love flowers and those who love art. 


The collection mainly consists of recent studies of floral subjects and a few representative earlier works. 


When I started, the flowers were portrayed as a kind of still-life. Typically,
I would purchase a bouquet, arrange it in a vase, on the table, and then go about creating a backdrop of carefully selected fabric. This set-up would usually be further ornamented with some fruits, a book or an envelope to complete the picture. There were numerous variations to this theme; nevertheless, there was a basic format, a rule or a sense of order. 


I then experimented with a different style of highlighting a few flowers and blending the rest of the bouquet with the surrounding into an impressionistic mix of colours. This method created an interesting effect and it conveniently saved much time and effort. However, it again progressed to a pattern and worse, a temptation to lessen work.


I had to escape the limitation of traditional still-life painting and the emergence was an ecstatic discovery of the infinite diversity to the subject of flowers. The flora was studied more intensely and the life within brought forth onto canvas merged with my own feelings and mood. Joyfully, my flowers were given the breath of life. They danced with grace and vivacity, they beckoned their beholder into their intriguing world. One could see the glistening sunlight and feel the gentle breeze. 


As my children matured and became independent, I had more time for my art. With this came technical improvement and the ability to accept new challenges. I was also more demanding with myself and my work, increasing my repertoire. From the harmonious arrangement of the still-life, to the beauty of each individual petal and leaf, set in the nature that is its own, parading its colour, its life and its glory — oh, what an inspiring world of flowers! 


I would like to acknowledge with gratitude the encouragement from all my friends. In particular, the patient yet tireless urging of my husband, Chua Mia Tee, whose own pursuit of excellence and perfection is a constant inspiration. I would like to thank Mr Pan Shou, the renowned calligrapher for his words of praise; Mr Shen Xinggong, professor and tutor of Masters of Nanjing Arts Institute, for taking time to write the foreword; and, Mr Masaaki Kobayashi, President of the Miyako Art Gallery, Osaka, Japan, for his kind criticisms. 

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